Personal Loans South Africa

Sometimes we all have to deal with financial problems when a bill crops up out of nowhere and it has to be paid immediately on the same day. Many unforeseen expenses such as repairing a car or avoiding late payment of a bill require you to borrow cash instantly. In such cases, personal loans South Africa can help people in having a smaller amount of cash right away from the lenders. These loans are easier to avail and repayment also is quick on the next payday.

You can depend fully on our experience in helping you take out the cash for emergency purposes. We boast of an expert financial team that knows payday loans and instant loans inside out. They have many years of experience in handling different loan cases including your type. We have so far helped hundreds of salaried people in their difficult times when they urgently needed cash in a few hours and they got it through us.

We also arrange bad credit loans so that even those borrowers with a bad credit history can have the cash in hands on the same day.

Who is qualified?

You should simply to record your own points of interest online at out webpage.

  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • You must be a citizen or resident of South Africa
  • There should be a bank account in your name and you should be getting your salary in it
  • Preferably, you should be employed. However, even unemployed people can borrow the cash if they can prove their ability to repay the loan on time.

The loan procedure

With us, the loan procedure for borrowing the cash is easy and quick. All you need to do is to file your personal details online at our site. You will give us your name, the loan amount, your email address etc information in our online application form right at this site.

As a second step, you will upload some documents that prove your employment status and salary. So, upload the proof that you are employed and working in the company for last at least three months. You should also give us your salary slips of past three months. Give your email address and phone number in the online application as well. That is all you will do to get the loan. We will complete the rest of the formalities.

Once we get your online application, we will forward it to our experienced panel of lenders. They will verify your details and if found right your application for the cash loan will be approved. The lender will then send you an email message for your acceptance of the loan. As you give the approval, the lender will deposit the cash in your bank account in minutes for the same day use.

Another important thing to note here is that we also arrange the lenders who are unemployed. Our panel of lenders can provide personal cash loans for unemployed. But you will prove your sufficient repayment ability for the loan.

The loan amount

You can borrow enough cash that meets your urgent expenses. A typical personal loans in South Africa online until your next payday is a smaller loan that is well within your monthly salary cheque.

The personal cash loan until your next salary day can fetch you cash ranging from R 500 to R 150,000. But the lender will assess your monthly salary and actual repayment ability before approving a cash amount.

Easy repayment

Since these loans are specially meant to help salaried people in their dire situations, the repayment period is also kept shorter. Typical repayment duration is until your next payday. You need to inform the lender about the day you get your paycheque. The lender will then fix the repayment date accordingly. The loan period thus is of two to three weeks depending on the day you borrowed the cash. So, if you had the loan just one week ahead of the next salary day, you will pay it off in a week only.

However, while you can get rid of the loan by paying it back entirely on your next payday, it is not advisable to extend it. Remember that these are expensive loans as the lender charges high interest which is way above the normal loan rates. So, make sure that you pay back the loan at the first opportunity and avoid extending the repayment for too many days.

No credit check made

One of the benefits of these instant loans is that everyone who can prove repayment ability can borrow the cash. Our panel of lenders is willing to approve a loan for the people who are suffering from a bad credit history. With such a history, a person typically has many blemishes such as late payments and payment defaults in his/her name. Such borrowers are considered as high risk by the banks and private lenders as well. No lender wants to give a loan to such borrowers.

However, with us, you get loans for low credit score for blacklisted easily in the same day. Even if your credit score has plummeted to very low labels, you can borrow the cash using our services. What is more, you can borrow the money for urgency even when other lenders have blacklisted you. If you defaulted on past loans or you filed for bankruptcy, you are still eligible to borrow the cash.

We can find out the lenders who have previously offered instant personal loans for blacklisted people in quick time. So, do not worry about your status of being a blacklisted borrower. We make sure that you access the cash from the right lenders. In fact, they will not ask you any questions regarding your past payment history. They will never question your existing credit score. They will also not make any credit checks.